Giving Back

Students at the James Hornsby School reach out to bring Christmas cheer in ‘Operation Christmas Child’.


The James Hornsby School prides itself on the family ethos that has been cultivated. The Strap line of “What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal” drove the Student leadership team to reach out to others in the school to support “Operation Christmas Child”.

Operation Christmas Child is a charity set up by the Samaritans to deliver shoe boxes filled with gifts to children in war torn or poverty stricken countries. The sending of gifts to those in need sparked the generous spirit of its pupils. Children donated gifts of toys and books, toiletries, stationery and clothes; many wrote heartfelt messages of encouragement packing and wrapping their presents with love.


A total of 85 shoe boxes were created by pupils and staff members ensuring that 85 families will have their lives changed forever. Books and stationery will allow children across the world to have an enhanced education. The messages and other gifts will hopefully ease their suffering and let them know that in the United Kingdom the James Hornsby family is thinking of them.