Leading Parents Partnership Award

For schools and educational settings committed to investing in parents and carers for the achievement of pupils
The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) is a national award that will strengthen and enhance your school or academy’s work with parents and carers.
Under the Ofsted framework for 2012, inspectors will devote greater time to lesson observation, and speaking to pupils and parents. LPPA will provide evidence of a sustained approach to parental engagement, which meets Ofsted criteria, and ensures parents have a positive experience of the school.

“The James Hornsby School has clearly developed parent partnership with energy and commitment” – LPPA 2015.

The LPPA provides a clear framework for action, relevant to each school or educational setting, which helps the school identify strengths as well as areas for development. It is integrated into a whole school approach to parental engagement with parents/carers who might traditionally find working with the school difficult and the LPPA has a significant impact in areas such as improving two-way communication, promoting a positive learning environment, improving attendance, punctuality, behaviour and pupil progress.

“The well-established college system makes home school dialogue both easy and effective, particularly as all siblings are in the same college and each college has vertical tutor groups” – LPPA 2015

Although the school has a roll of over 800, each college has less than 200 students which give the school a small school and family ethos. This will be further enhanced by the ‘Parents in Partnership’ group with parents from each College.

“The school has developed strong evaluative systems which, in many cases directly involve parents through Parent Voice/Parent in Partnership (PIP), for example in the reviewing and revising of policies” – LPPA 2015


“The school has developed very strong relationships with local primary schools, and with the local community. Local primary schools use a variety of the school’s facilities, including the swimming pool, food technology rooms and the fitness suite so both parents and children feel at home at The James Hornsby School” – LPPA 2015