Zoology Club visit to Colchester Zoo

Earlier on within the school year, students decided that they wanted to learn more about Animals. Thanks to the Jack Petchy Award, we were able to start a Zoology club after school. Students have learnt about and interacted with some weird and wonderful animals such as hedgehogs, snakes, terrapins, rats, bearded dragons, geckos and rabbits to name a few. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from a vet, who informed students on what they needed to do to work within the industry. She also led the zoology session and taught the students how to listen and calculate the heart rate on rabbits and cats, how to read x-rays and also diagnose some common illnesses. During Science Week with the focus of ‘change’, the zoology club got to visit Colchester Zoo and completed workshops on climate change and learnt how it is having a direct impact on the populations of certain species. The students were able to interact with animals that we would not be able to bring into school!