Black History Month

In order to highlight the importance of Black History Month this October, we are delighted to share that author, historian and journalist, S.I Martin came in to deliver a series of talks and presentations in the JHS Library. His talks focused on drawing attention to subject matters they previously had not considered. For example, he asked the students to name a famous Black person from history. He then drew attention to the fact all their answers involved someone from America. When he asked them to name a historic, famous, Black person from Britain they couldn’t. He delved into why this was and told them stories of fascinating and heroic Black British people. The students thoroughly enjoyed this and learned a lot from the experience.

From the students:
“Learning about Black History and how the author took inspiration from different people’s lives to write his books was very engaging” Hafsa Khan, Year 10, Senior Librarian

“Whenever anyone thinks of Black History, our minds immediately think to America. So, this was such an insightful experience and we all really learned a lot!” Ellis Clark, Year 10, Senior Librarian

“S.I Martin was a very inspirational talker and opened my eyes to the wider world of Black History.” Ty Venazza, Year 10, Senior Librarian

“It is an amazing new view on Black History and the way we only focus on the American side.” Jay Davis, Year 9.

“Enlightening and shocking to realise how much Black History we miss.” Joey Miller, Year 9.