Parents In Partnership

James Hornsby School has strong relationships with parents, carers and the community, and as such we have formed the Parents in Partnership group.

The purpose of this partnership would be to share success and identify developments for the school as well as support the Student Council in developing an improved Community relationship. For more information or if you wish to become part of “Community Friends of JHS” please contact:

Assessment, Reporting and Parents Evenings

At The James Hornsby School we believe that both tracking and reporting on student progress are paramount to helping students become successful learners. Therefore we provide students with regular feedback on class work, home learning and formal assessments.
Moreover, parents and carers will receive a student progress report three times a year and will be invited to a parent evening to discuss their child’s progress.

Parents Evening

Year Group Date


Year 7 4th February 2020


Year 8 12th May 2020


Year 9 19th November 2019


Year 10 14th January 2020


Year 11 15th October 2019


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Social media alert for parents – Momo challenge, Blue Whale Game and Slenderman.
We would like to make you aware of some ‘suicide games’ which have returned to the social media platform. We are not aware of any direct concerns about our students at James Hornsby but would recommend our parents continue to monitor their children’s use of social media closely.

How to prevent your children from engaging in the Momo challenge, Blue Whale and Slenderman:

• Maintain an open dialogue with your children about what they are doing online and the dangers of viral trends like this one.
• Monitor the things your children can access on the internet. This includes activating parental controls and checking search history.
• There are services available to allow parents to monitor WhatsApp.
• Know the signs of distress in your child, is also a huge indicator that something could be going on behind closed doors. These include falling behind at school, loss of appetite and being agitated after being on their phone.