At the James Hornsby school we pride ourselves in engaging students in learning inside and outside the classroom.  We have an extensive homework programme from years 7 to 11 that challenges and engages at different levels.

Year 7 and 8 homework projects

Learning should be fun and engaging and allow students to balance their time outside the classroom to ensure students have a positive work-life balance.

Year 7 and 8 students will be set the challenge of long term cross curricular projects with the aim of developing independence, creativity and research skills.  Students will be assigned these projects on a termly basis and will be set deadlines to meet whilst being guided by class teachers throughout the entire project.

Students will be given a booklet outlining the project, success criteria and then be expected to present their work to teachers and peers when completed to showcase their hard work.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete regular small homework assignments from Mathematics through online assignment tasks, English through accelerated reading and modern foreign languages through vocabulary practice.

Year 7s will be making use of a homework booklet, a demo of which can be downloaded on the right-hand side:

Year 9 – 11 homework

We understand the need for change and as students’ progress through the school a change is needed to students homework allowing for more specific tasks to be set based on GCSE subjects being undertaken.

Students will be set tasks that range from research projects to exam questions from all subjects being taken in Key Stage 4.  These tasks are crucial for the development of students and will be set at regular intervals with deadlines that allow students to plan work effectively to maintain a positive work life balance and manage increasing expectations.

Setting and recording homework

Staff will set and record homework in all years via our online learning platform, Doddle.  These tasks can be completed online or just recorded and submitted by the students.  Parents can access their child’s homework to monitor completion and even practice the online tasks to enable them to support their child at every step throughout their learning.