Careers Information

“Attitudes towards learning are very mature ad pupils are very cooperative with each other when working together in lessons. They do not give up when work is hard and they keep trying. They are motivated by their targets, understand them and aspire to achieve them” Ofsted 2016.

The school offers high quality, impartial careers guidance which helps pupils make informed choices regarding their future. The careers education, information advice and guidance is a major contributing factor to preparing our students for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for life beyond James Hornsby school. Our CEIAG programme supports and helps our students make successful transitions to adulthood.

Students understand how their education equips them with the correct behaviours and attitudes necessary for them to succeed in their next stage of education, training or employment. The school ensures a thorough programme is available which is constructed around the following 3 main areas of:

  • Self-development through careers becoming self-aware and reflective learners
  • Careers exploration and finding out about careers and being aspirational
  • Career management and developing skills for careers, well-being and resilience

The CEIAG programme is one that enables our students to:

  • Develop self-awareness and reflection
  • Develop themselves through career education
  • Learn about careers and the world of work
  • Develop aspirations and resilience

“Pupils are ambitious and many express a desire to join the ranks of prestigious professions including law, medicine, accountancy and aviation” Ofsted 2016.


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