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The James Hornsby School

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

Students are assessed regularly in class throughout Year's 10 and 11. Assessments throughout are linked closely to exam board specifications, resources from exam boards and past paper practice.

Additionally, we also have formal Pre-Public Exams that replicate the Year 11 exam period as closely as possible with external invigilators and appropriate exam papers.  For this academic year, they commence on the dates below.


Year 11 - Parents Support Presentation

Parent - How to revise guide - Click here

Year 11 - Revision Checklist

Child Development Sheet

Business GCSE

English GCSE Revision

French and Spanish Checklist

Maths Revision - Higher

Maths Revision - Foundation

Geography Final Checklist

Science Final Checklist

Sociology Checklist

Sports Studies Revision

Year 10 - Timetable

Monday 29th April- Friday 10th  May - Click here

Year 10 - Resources for PPE

French and Spanish Checklist

Geography Revision Checklist

History Checklist - Medicine through time

Science Checklist

Sociology Revision Checklist

Maths - Foundation Assessment Topics

Maths - Higher Assessment Topics

English Checklist

Business Checklist