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The James Hornsby School



At James Hornsby we offer an extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programme available to all students throughout the school.

Our Enrichment and Extra-Curricular activities are offered to students before school, at break times, after school and beyond the standard school day.

Extra-curricular clubs are a fantastic way to build a rapport with both teachers and students, increase academic performance, develop social skills and increase health and well being of students. Participation within the extra-curricular programme is a fundamental aspect of being at James Hornsby and all clubs are free of charge.

Our Enrichment offer gives students the opportunity to engage in activities that further enrich the curriculum as well as opportunities to develop Character Education. These opportunities look to compliment the cultural experience by developing character, skills and knowledge – including resilience, confidence and independence – and help them know how to keep physically and mentally healthy.

Our educational visits vary from visits to museums or galleries, theatres to watch a play, universities, or study aspects of the local geography and history. Equally they may visit a London attraction such as the London Eye or Aquarium. We also offer residential field courses, as well as trips to Europe.

Learning outside the classroom gives students the opportunity to put real life situations into context and apply what they have learnt in class to the real world. It contributes to raising standards and improves pupil’s personal, social and emotional development. The James Hornsby School follows advice and guidance from Essex Education visits to ensure guidance, training and health and safety are adhered to.

Students Attitude and Attendance in school will be considered when being invited to attend a trip or a visit as part of our enrichment offer. It is expected that students have good attendance and attitude at all times. If a trip forms part of the compulsory curriculum, the school will cover the cost or provide a significant subsidiary. If the trip is beyond the curriculum, is a reward or an enrichment opportunity, the cost of this will be passed to the parents/ carers and poor attendance or attitude may result in them not being invited.

Trips and visits are designed to support the school curriculum or enhance it to promote students with exciting opportunities beyond the curriculum.



Our Enrichment Commitment Policy