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The James Hornsby School

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

KS4 Travel and Tourism

This exciting and dynamic programme of study will equip students with a sound knowledge and develop many of the core skills needed to succeed in the travel and tourism industry.

Students will have the opportunity to investigate tourism in the UK but also be transported across the globe to look at international destinations.
Within this students will research issues affecting tourism such as terrorism and natural disasters. This is a truly diverse subject!

Units covered are:

1.  UK travel & tourism sector
2. UK travel destinations
3. The travel and tourism customer experience
4. International travel and tourism destinations


Students are assessed through one external written examination. The remaining three units (75%) are completed in school as coursework. You will be assessed in a variety of ways. Examples include:
Report writing, research tasks, presentations, itinerary development, ICT production of brochures
All assessment work completed in school is moderated and standardised by an external examiner.
UK travel & tourism sector – 1 hour 15 mins exam paper (25%)
UK travel destinations – Assignments in class (25%)
The travel and tourism customer experience – Assignments in class (25%)
International travel and tourism destinations – Assignments in class (25%)


Exam board: