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Media Studies

Media Studies

BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production

This course allows you to draw on your knowledge and skills acquired for Media Studies but through vocational learning. The creative media sector is a dynamic, growing and rewarding sector to work in.

Course outline

Component One
Analyse media texts (past and present) from various media platforms. These include:

  • Audio/moving image products: TV programmes, films, music videos, TV and radio advertisements
  • Publishing products: newspapers, magazines, brochures, advertisements
  • Interactive media products: websites, mobile apps, E-magazines, mobile games, video games, online games, advertisements

Component Two
Learn how to design and create media products, this will include:

  • Film posters
  • Adverts
  • Website designs
  • Magazine front covers and double page spread
  • CD covers
  • Radio scripts
  • Storyboarding TV trailers
  • Storyboarding music videos
  • Storyboarding film trailers

Component Three


Exam board: