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KS3 Technology

KS3 Technology

Within each module students will complete a variety of tasks. 

For the next 12 months students will be making a multicultural cushion, a pencil case, a night light and a picture frame. 

They will also be cooking a variety of dishes ranging from fruit salad, bread and pizza in year 7 to Spaghetti bolognaise, carrot cake and chicken goujons in year 8.

In each module, students will be looking at some key areas:

  • Generating ideas
  • Materials
  • Health & safety
  • Tools and equipment
  • Evaluating
  • Making and independence.

Each of the key areas will be addressed in year 7, 8 and 9, but the complexity of the sub-topics covered will increase as students build on their understanding in the later parts of year 8 and year 9.


Throughout KS3, lessons will be delivered in a way which develops the key skills of the Design and Technology subject areas.

Generating ideas – Students will be able to generate ideas, shade and annotate them and make manufacturing choices having analysed the design brief.

Materials – students will have knowledge of a range of materials, their properties and their uses.

Tools and equipment – Students will be able to identify, explain and suggest possible for a wide variety of tools and equipment.

Health and safety – Students will, through their actions, be able to identify and explain safe working practises in the workshops.

Independence – Students will be able to work independently of the teacher to create a wide variety of products.

Manufacture – Students will be able to make products to a high standard with independence that satisfy the design brief.

Evaluation. – Students will be able to identify good working practises as well as mistakes that have been made.  They will be able to suggest improvements and modifications to their products

Food and nutrition – Students will be able to recognise where foods come from and the value of them in our diet.  They will be able to consider a wide range of influences on recipes and well as the function of ingredients in particular food products.  They will also be able to modify recipes and diets to make them more healthy.