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The James Hornsby School

Art, Design & Photography


Our Art & Photography curriculum catalyses students to explore identity, culture and creativity through individual and world perspectives. We encourage students to be creative through traditional and new media, developing confidence, courage, competence, imagination and creativity.

Students learn to appreciate the physical finesses and demands of being an artist/photographer.  Students use a theme based structure to build portfolios of achievement. In these portfolios students will buttress their vocabulary, knowledge and skills through practice and evaluation, they are able to express their own feelings and opinions, whether in the written or visual form.

Students are assessed throughout their portfolio production and have an opportunity to exhibit their work. Students take an independent and reflective approach to their progress by critically responding on their own and other people?s work, judging quality, value and meaning.

We inspire students by introducing them to artists and photographers across different time periods, cultures and countries. Through this they develop an appreciation of art, and photography, and its role in the creative and cultural industries that enrich their lives.

The quality educational experience that Art & Photography provides enriches students cultural capital, self-reflection and expression that will enamour the arts and related careers for the future.

Art & Photography are one of the great cultural touchstones of the world; one which enriches us in so many ways. We wish to create ?awe and wonder? encouraging students to question, query and analyse. Great art work/photography reflect the changes and values in our communities and societies.

Art & Photography offers profound insights into the human condition, opening our minds to new perspectives and ways of thinking; through great works of beauty, pupils can engage with ?the sublime?. The unique relationship between the artist/photographer and the audience endlessly creates new meanings and insights, and enables us in our day to day lives.

Curriculum Journey

Art and Photography Learning Journey


All the work the student makes during their course is eligible to be included in their final grade. Students will submit a portfolio of the best work they have created, which must show a breadth of study. This must include drawings, analysis and annotation as well as the art work they make. This portfolio is worth 60% of their final grade, the student will select the best of their coursework for this. The externally set assignment is an independent study on a topic provided by the exam board; all research, experiments, developments and planning for it will be marked, along with the final piece which will be created in the 10 hours sustained focus under exam conditions. This is worth the remaining 40% of the mark and completed in April/May.

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