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The James Hornsby School

Curriculum Intent


Leaders have organised the curriculum well. Their plans identify the most important knowledge that pupils need to learn and ensure that pupils’ knowledge builds from lesson to lesson. OFSTED, October 2021

 Our core purpose is to enhance the life chances of all our young people, enabling them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

We have a well-designed curriculum where staff have strong subject knowledge and high aspirations for learner achievements, encouraging them to strive for excellence. With ambitious curriculums we challenge, inspire and motivate our young people and give learners the knowledge, skills and character needed to be respectful and successful young adults, helping students prepare for life.

The curriculum is well structured to allow students to acquire and revisit learning activities to retain key knowledge, develop creativity and independence. We pride ourselves in having a family ethos and believe in working collaboratively to support and challenge students to reach their potential, because 'together we excel'.

Learners experience a broad curriculum at KS3 making preferred subject choices in year 9. We focus on providing the English Baccalaureate along with a range of vocational learning opportunities, ensuring all learners can be successful.

We provide purposeful learning environments where students can thrive and gain the outcomes and qualities they need to become well-rounded young adults. They are prepared for future learning and employment by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need for further study and future careers. To further enhance this we aim to provide our students with careers, guidance and support throughout their time at the school allowing them to go onto appropriate destinations.

Our extra-curriculum and enrichment programmes extend learner interests and hobbies beyond the classroom, we ensure these programmes are exciting, enhancing learning and developing students beyond the standard curriculum.

We regularly review the school curriculum to ensure it challenges, supports and provides opportunity for future success, combined with genuine breadth, choice and progression. 

Teachers have strong subject knowledge. They explain things clearly to pupils. Teachers check regularly on pupils’ understanding. Subject leaders use this information to adapt their curriculum plans so that pupils revisit the important knowledge they need to remember and use. OFSTED, October 2021