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Joining the James Hornsby Family

At The James Hornsby School we understand that a child’s transition from Primary to Secondary education is a significant time in their lives and we are committed to ensuring that our new students have a really positive bridging experience as we welcome them into The James Hornsby family.


Transition Days

Each year, students have the opportunity to visit the school for two days to support their transition. During these two days Year 6 students will participate in a range of activities. They will have their first formal James Hornsby assembly, during which time the Headteacher, Mrs Nicholls, and the school’s Senior Leaders will outline the school’s ethos and expectations. Students will participate in a range of KS3 taster lessons across the curriculum, to help prepare them for the exciting and challenging learning they will enjoy in Year 7. Throughout these two days it is also important for us to get to know your child and their learning. They will complete reading, writing and cognition tests to help us ensure we understand and are meeting their needs as learners. Most importantly, however, will be the opportunity for your child to meet their new classmates and form relationships with each other and our staff. They will develop friendships, self-esteem and gain an understanding of the school routines, procedures and expectations allowing students to gain confidence and become comfortable in their new setting.


Please ensure the school has up to date contact information, particularly a regularly checked email address as this will be the main method of communication during the transition process. 

  JHS Transition Videos  


A Few Words from Our Students

We always say that our students are the best ambassadors for our school and some of current Year 7 students have shared their thoughts and experiences regarding their transition from Primary and their first year at The James Hornsby School.

Rosie Warner

The teachers are kind and help you a lot. You shouldn’t be worried at all. James Hornsby is a wonderful school that will help you get to the future that you want.

Jodie Boyd

Starting Year 7 was exciting, I had a new beginning and felt like I was joining a new, stronger family. I made new friends to hang and talk with and I was taught some amazing subjects that I didn’t do in primary school.

Riley Ludlow

Year 7 was a great year! Meeting new friends made memories. The teachers are great and friendly and always there when you need them. The work they give you is great, they will really help you with your GCSEs. Thanks for a lovely year!

Charlie Weston

When I first joined the James Hornsby School I found it difficult to navigate around the school. But with the teachers’ guidance I knew my way within a week. Joining The James Hornsby family was nerve-racking but I got through it because of the help I got from new friends that I made. The teachers are really nice and helpful. For example, they help with work and any problems that you might have.


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