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Joining the James Hornsby Family

At The James Hornsby School we understand that a child’s transition from Primary to Secondary education is a significant time in their lives and we are committed to ensuring that our new students have a really positive bridging experience as we welcome them into The James Hornsby family.


Transition Days

Once students have received confirmation of their placement at the JHS they will be invited to attend a series of transition events. During each event the Year 6 students will participate in a range of activities that have been strategically designed to ensure they have all the information and skills to successfully transfer to their secondary setting. They will be introduced to key staff at the school and find out who and where they can go to for support.

Students will participate in a range of KS3 taster lessons across the curriculum, to help prepare them for the exciting and challenging learning they will enjoy in Year 7. Throughout the two transition days it is also important for us to get to know your child and their learning. They will complete reading, writing and cognition tests to help us ensure we understand and are meeting their needs as learners. Most importantly, however, will be the opportunity for your child to meet their new classmates and form relationships with each other and our staff. They will develop friendships, self-esteem and gain an understanding of the school routines, procedures and expectations allowing students to gain confidence and become comfortable in their new setting.

In addition to the on-site opportunities that we offer, students will be able to meet all the faculties and staff through videos released throughout the transition period. These will help them familiarise themselves with their new school and their future curriculum.

This is a really exciting time for year 6 students and we look forward to working with and supporting them throughout this process.


Please ensure the school has up to date contact information, particularly a regularly checked email address as this will be the main method of communication during the transition process. 

  JHS Transition Videos 

A Few Words from Our Students

We always say that our students are the best ambassadors for our school and some of current Year 7 students have shared their thoughts and experiences regarding their transition from Primary and their first year at The James Hornsby School.

Maddison Freeman 

This year I was inspired by many teachers who helped me through my learning.

Lewis Cuthbert

Year 7 has been amazing I made lots of friends. The lessons are fun and exciting.

Caitlin Boyd

Year 7 is a great year. All of the teachers are really nice and caring. The food is nice and everything is so well organised.

Urte Dettuvaite

I feel supported at the school, they help you through emotional problems. They talk to you, give you time and space.