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The James Hornsby School

Student Senior Leadership Team

Student Senior Leadership Team

Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Every student is a leader.

That is why student leadership pervades everything we do at The James Hornsby School.  Our student leadership programme creates character-building opportunities for our young people to take into the wider world, developing skills such as mentoring, assertiveness, leadership, teamwork and communication. 

By contributing to our family ethos and local community, our student leaders feel engaged and proud of their school, and gain qualities that are attractive to employers and universities.

We expect students:

  • To be leaders of learning in their lessons;
  • To lead assemblies;
  • To meet and greet visitors and lead tours of the school;
  • To lead peer-coaching sessions, tutor sessions and revision projects;
  • To lead sporting events;
  • To play a significant part in leading The James Hornsby School to new horizons – as the names of our Colleges suggest.
  • To follow the school values
  • To be role models both inside and outside of our school community.


The Executive team are selected from the student leadership team at the end of Year 10.  The students have to apply and go through a rigorous interview process where they present a topic they feel passionately about.  From these interviews, the following positions are allocated:

  • The Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head boy and Deputy Head Girl represent the body as a whole.
  • Senior prefects are assigned to sit on either the wellbeing team, student voice or Cultural and environment groups.

In Year 9 students can apply to join the Junior leadership team and in Year 10 they can apply to join the Senior leadership team.  Through these teams roles are assigned.

  • Each College also has a Student Head of College and a Junior Head of College these students help run assemblies and give awards to students and make sure all of our students feel like they are part of the family.
  • Each College has a wellbeing lead, they ensure we are always thing about student wellbeing and coming up with new ideas to make sure all of our students are heard.
  • Each College has an environment and culture lead who looks to find ways to improve our school/community’s carbon footprint. In the past this team has run innovative projects. In recent times we have planted 35 young sapling trees in our school grounds.
  • Each College has a student voice lead where students can share ideas on how we can improve the school for our most important stakeholders the students. They will work on important topics such as anti-bullying strategy to make all of our students feel safe at school.