As a school we are committed to broadening the educational experience for all our pupils and consequently offer a wide variety of trips and visits to our pupils. Our educational visits vary from visits to museums or galleries, theatres to watch a play, universities, or study aspects of the local geography and history. Equally they may visit a London attraction such as the London Eye or Aquarium. We also offer residential field courses, as well as trips to Europe.

Learning outside the classroom gives students the opportunity to put real life situations into context and apply what they have learnt in class to the real world. It contributes to raising standards and improves pupil’s personal, social and emotional development.

In the report ‘How Far Should You Go’ (2008) Ofsted stated that on average children watch more than 17 hours of television per week and are spending more than 20 hours a week online. Visits therefore have an important role to play in helping young people develop healthy lifestyles and a good work life balance. It equally re-engages them with the natural environment encouraging respect and development of a sustainable way of living for the future.

As a school we hope to encourage ten outcomes from educational visits:

  • Enjoyment and Fulfillment
  • Confidence
  • Social Awareness
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Activity Skills
  • Key Skills
  • Personal Qualities
  • Health and Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Broadened Horizons


Prior to students attending school trips parents/carers are required to provide formal authorisation.  Further details are available on the attachments:

  • Appendix A – Consent form for day visits,
  • Appendix B – Consent form for residential visits.


Trip Timetable

Date Place Year Group Purpose
9-10 June 2017 D of E Danbury Yr9 & 10 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice assessment
20 June 2017 Thorpe Park Yr9 & 10 Computer Science – the workings of Machines
26 June 2017 Ford Higher Apprentice Challenge Yr9 STEM
30 June 2017 Keeping Dance Alive Yr7-10 Dance Performance Rehearsal for Essex Cricket Ground
4 July 2017 Keeping Dance Alive Yr7-10 Dance Performance at Essex Cricket Ground
6 July 2017 Annie The Musical Yr9&10 Enrichment for the cast and members of the JHS production of Annie
7 July 2017 D of E Screen Park Chelmsford Yr9&10 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice assessment
16-19 July 2017 Disneyland Paris & Paris Yr7 & 8 Enrichment and cultural opportunity
17 July 2017 Thorpe Park Yr9 Triple Science enrichment opportunity for students
18-21 July 2017 Hemel Hempstead SEA Yr7-10 Sports Excellence enrichment opportunity
19 July 2017 Colchester Castle Yr10 GCSE History
19 July 2017 Chessington World of Adventure Yr8 Science enrichment opportunity
20 July 2017 Colchester Zoo Yr8 Enrichment opportunity
20 July 2017 Watt Tyler Park Yr7 Team building and problem solving
15 September 2017 Ypres Yr9&10 GCSE History
23-25 September 2017 GCSE Geography Field Trip to Weymouth Yr11 GCSE Geography
20-22 October 2017 Bude, Cornwall Yr9 & 10 GCSE PE